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Choose the Package that’s right for you!


Appreciate nature’s beauty and see for yourself what makes Costa Rica so stunning! 

The Waterfall Tour begins with a short drive from Jaco Beach on a 4 x 4 vehicle and a ride up into the mountain where your waterfall adventure awaits! 

We will make our way through the river system using trails and bridges that criss-cross.  You will explore many small waterfalls, natural pools and swimming areas.  Take the plunge into the fresh mountain spring water and submerge yourself under the invigorating falls. 

For those who are more adventurous, jumping spots are available from 4 feet to 25 feet drop offs! 

Includes: transportation, bilingual guide, water and snacks

$55 per person (Minimum 2 people)

look up, look down,
look all around!


An extreme adventure awaits!  Join us for this thrilling tour that brings you deep into the heart of rainforest amid the mountain peaks. 

As you ride through the forest, you will encounter parrots, toucans, tayras, lizards, monkeys and more!  The forest is teaming with wildlife and exotic flora.  Journey to our destination, a hidden 15 meter waterfall that offers us a refreshing break to cool off and enjoy the natural beauty.  Swim, take photos and relax!  Your tour also includes a quick bite to eat at the local Rancho before we make our way back down the riverside and mountain into Jaco. 

Includes: bilingual guide, water, snacks and transportation

Transportation options:

ATV Single (1 person) – $90
ATV Double (2 person) – $115
Buggy (1-4 person) – $190   


Stunning views of the rainforest, Pacific Ocean and the area surrounding Jaco!

Taking you right into the heart of the forest, you will catch glimpses of local wildlife, relax by a waterfall and enjoy the natural beauty.  Highlights include mountain views of Tortuga Island, Peninsula de Nicoya and Manuel Antonio.  Enjoy drinks and local food at Rancho Doña Marta to finish your tour.     

Includes: bilingual guide, water, snacks and transportation

Transportation options:

ATV Single (1 person) – $70
ATV Double (2 people) – $95
Buggy (1- 4 people) – $150



Escape from the tourist trail and leave Jaco behind, as you journey into the heart of the forest and mountains.  This 4 hour tour offers lush biodiversity, exotic animal and plant life and stunning views.  Highlights include a visit to the quiet surfer town of Bijagual, with it’s rivers and waterfall, famous turn of the elbow and viewpoints of Nicoya Peninsula. 

Option 1: It’s Hot!
Refresh yourself or jump in the cascades of the 15 meter high waterfall.  Enjoy time in the town of Bijagual and appreciate the local cuisine at several restaurants.

Option 2: Tilapia Farm
Visit a local Tilapia farm and restaurant that provides some of the best authentic Costa Rican food, and the opportunity to fish for your own tilapia!  This incredibly serene environment is the perfect stop off point for relaxation and enjoyment.

Includes: bilingual guide, water, snacks and transportation

Transportation options:

ATV Single (1 person) – $120
ATV Double (2 people) – $145

we guarantee
you won’t
be disappointed!


Join us for a Zip Line extreme adventure!  Just 15 minutes away from Jaco, located in Vista Los Sueños Adventure Park, this beautiful government protected area offers fun for the adventurous traveller. 

Our Canopy Zip Line Tour lets you descend through the forest canopy with a series of zip lines, 10 cables, 12 platform viewing areas, and even a 2400ft long cable!  Your bilingual guide will carefully explain the necessary safety procedures and provide you with fresh tropical fruits and cool water after your descent down the mountain.  Be ready for a photo opportunity, as our professional photographer captures your best picture on this zip line adventure!  As you sail through the trees, you can appreciate spectacular views of Herradura Bay and Island, Nicoya Gulf and catch a glimpse of many creatures in their natural environment.

Includes: transportation, bilingual guide, water and snacks     

$70 per person


Let’s set sail!  Experience the best Catamaran Tour in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. 

As we sail on the calm open waters, guests can enjoy a variety of water-related activities such as; snorkelling, dolphin and whale watching.  There is plenty of room on our well-equipped boats, with open sunbathing areas and plenty of shade.  Sit back and relax while enjoying the sounds of nature and the ocean breeze.      

Morning tour runs from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.
Afternoon sunset tour runs from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Includes: transportation, snacks, fruits, drink and lunch or dinner

$120 per person


We will go where the locals go!  Join us for a 2 Hour Tour in Jaco Beach, visiting 3 of the most popular bars.  We will give you a chance to feel like a local, get a taste of the Costa Rican lifestyle, and taste some local food!  You will start at soda Milagro for empanadas, then head off on foot or bicycle to more sights and sounds.  Listen to Cumbia music, see the local dancers and try traditional cuisine!  A fun evening guaranteed!

Tour Rate $40 per person
Empanadas plus 3 drinks included
Runs through Thursday to Saturday
8:30 pm to 10:30 pm

zipline and canopy
tour adventure


Experience one of the most beautiful national parks in Costa Rica! 

With an abundance of wildlife, lush tropical forest, and sandy white beaches, this tour has it all.  Your knowledgeable guide will take you into this natural paradise to learn more about the unique features, animal and plant life.  As you hike through pathways and trails, you will soon see why this protected wildlife area receives the largest number of international tourists.  Stunning views, marine environments, lagoons, and mangroves are just a few of the highlights during this tour.  This magical place will captivate your senses!        

Includes: transportation, bilingual guide, water, snacks and lunch

$120 per person


Get up close and personal with an abundance of crocodiles, exotic birds, lizards, monkeys, crabs and more! This tour package takes you on an unforgettable boat ride through the mangrove ecosystem in the heart of the rainforest. Keep your eyes and ears open as you will cruise through canals and appreciate the stunning rainforest that surrounds you. You don’t want to miss this unique ecological experience!  

Ground transportation is provided. 2h30 tours included 1h30 on the boat. Our guide will pick you up directly at your accommodation. 

Tour rate $65 per person.


The wild monkeys of Costa Rica are calling you!  Experience the thrill and fun with this boat tour that will take you into the heart of the White Faced Capuchin Monkey habitat. Your bilingual tour guide will provide you with all that you need to know about the amazing creatures you will see.  With luck, you will be all smiles when you get a chance to interact with the monkeys! What a priceless opportunity!  

Our guide will pick you up at your accommodation at the time of your convenience. Note that this tour is held only in the mornings because in the afternoon the monkeys are usually not in the area. The monkeys are wild but they are used to interacting with groups and families.  This is a half day adventure, as the monkeys are located 45 minutes drive outside of Jaco.   On the way back we give you the option of stopping at the Tarcoles bridge where you can admire the crocodiles swimming in the river. 

Includes: transportation, bilingual guide, fruit to feed the monkeys

$65 per person

Sea Kayak Tour &
Mangrove Tour


The warm waters of the Pacific Ocean await you!  Our Sea Kayak and Snorkeling Tours are an excellent option for the active traveller who wants a taste of nature and doesn’t mind getting wet!  You will paddle out with your bilingual guide, and glide through the gentle waves.  Admire the captivating scenery and an array of sea life and forest creatures.  Your tour includes snorkelling in the warm waters, admiring the beauty and searching for colourful tropical fish.  No experience necessary for this tour as our equipment is lightweight and easy to paddle.  Come out and give it a try.

What to bring: swimsuit, towel, camera, change of clothes, and shoes that you can get wet and keep on your feet. 

Includes: transportation, water, snacks and a bilingual guide     

1. Sea Kayak Tour $90 per person
Join us on this 4 hour tour in the Pacific Ocean.  You will explore 4 different beaches (Aguja Beach, Matas Beach, White Beach and Limoncito Beach) and a waterfall.  If you enjoy beachcombing, contact with wildlife and the quiet of nature, this tour is for you.

2. Mangrove Tour $90 per person
This popular tour includes paddling through the beautiful mangrove habitat, with opportunities to see monkeys, exotic birds and sloths up close.  Learn more about this fascinating ecosystem, the plants and animals that call it home, and escape from the world as you glide under the shade of the majestic trees.  We will pick you up an hour before the high tide.


Horseback riding is one of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of the Costa Rican rainforest up close.  If you’re looking for a more relaxed and low impact tour option and you love being outdoors with animals, then our Horseback Riding Tour is for you.  Experience the best views, local farmland, stunning trails and secret waterfalls, no experience needed.

2 Hours
$55  per person     (Maximum 14 people per tour)

Are you ready to step off the tourist track? This 2 hour tour option is the perfect way to escape the city noise and get back in touch with nature.  You will ride into the mountains to access several of the most beautiful viewing points in Jaco and quaint trails.  Along the way, your bilingual guide will share information about the wildlife ecosystem and will be happy to answer any of your questions.  Even if it’s your first time riding, our horses are receptive and gentle!

4 Hours
$75 per person       (Maximum 14 people per tour)

On this extended tour, you will combine riding in the mountains, viewing points, waterfalls and swimming in the cascades.  This option gives you the chance to hike to the waterfalls, ride next to the river or directly in the water.  Some physical capabilities are needed for climbing, and we recommend wearing water shoes.